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Luminary's Multi-Flex Gel is a soft gel with the strength of acrylic and flexibility of hard gel that has real staying power. It is a universal base product, builder gel, overlay gel, and extension gel, meaning you need one product to create a beautiful structured manicure, cutting down on time and money spent on multiple products. Because of Multi-Flex's semi-hard formula, it can be soaked off or backfilled, giving nail tech's all the flexibility they need in one product. Beyond all of that, Multi-Flex will not lift or chip, and lasts 2-3x as long as other products.

For professional use only.

Our gel is a self-leveling and medium viscosity, meaning it is both easy to apply and effortless to create a beautiful apex.  Even better, it can be used by both techs who e-file and who hand-file. Multi-Flex gel adds value to your service menu - it lasts 2-3x as long as other gel products, meaning that you can space clients out further, add more clients to your books and charge more per service (the typical up-charge reported to us by techs is $10). There is no lifting or chipping with proper application, and the product never has to be removed (simply fill or rebalance the nail). Our product also saves time and cuts down on expenses - if your client loves the color, you've saved the time you would have spent applying gel polish. It is a universal base coat, builder gel, overlay gel, and extension gel all in one, making it a truly versatile product! Multi-Flex can be used for overlays, manicures, structured manicures, can be used to create extensions, performs well over tips and full coverage gel tips, works great with forms, can be used to adhere gems or crystals - the possibilities are truly endless!

Multi-Flex Gel is ideal for those who want to grow their natural nails long and strong with no lifting or chipping, or for those who like short nails but still want a beautiful, strong, no-chip manicure. Luminary will last them 3-4 weeks, meaning they can space out their nail appointments, saving time and money every month. Above all, Luminary prides itself on offering beautiful, high quality professional products, so your clients know that with Luminary, they will be receiving a high end service. Multi-Flex gel looks beautiful on its own but performs beautifully under art and polish as well. Our products are also Vegan, Cruelty Free and 5 free

There is no difference in product in the jar and product in the bottle. Multi-Flex Gel comes in 10ml polish bottles, 30ml refills, and in 5gram jars. Jars can be purchased empty on their own, in Color Bundles, and in Diamond Pro Kits, or full in Starter Kits.

We highly, HIGHLY recommend that you use the Light Elegance Dot lamp. This is the only curing lamp we have tested Luminary with, and the only one that we can recommend you use with confidence. As a nail professional, it is of utmost importance that you use professional products, though they may not be as cheap as what you can find on Amazon. However, if you do not use a professional lamp, this can create many issues including but not limited to allergies caused by improper curing. It is essential not only safety but for your image as a professional that you use a branded, professional quality lamp that has scientifically tested lamp bulbs.

LED Lights | Why are they so important?

Link to purchase on Light Elegance's website: Light Elegance Website

Link to purchase from The Nail Hub: The Nail Hub website

Multi-Flex Gel can be used for gel manicures or gel overlays, and performs beautifully with tips, forms, and full coverage gel tips. It also can be used to adhere gems, crystals, and other decorative accents for months. If you're using Clarity to secure your nail accents, rest assured they will not be coming off your clients' nails until you take them off.

No, however, if you are doing a soak-off gel manicure we at least recommend you used our primer "Commit" to the tips and free edge of the nail. Something to keep in mind is that every single client is different. Some may need a primer, while others may not depending on their body chemistry. If you are using Multi-Flex as an enhancement and would like to fill your clients, then you will need to use Commit. We recommend 2 coats of Commit before gel application for enhancements. If your client tends to lift, then you can do two coats of Commit and cure the second layer of primer for a few seconds to warm it up. This will make it tackier and will adhere the gel to the product better, reducing changes of them lifting.

Luminary is a pure gel product, so while you can absolutely use gel polishes over our product, it is recommended that you use pure gels instead of hybrid products. Pure gels (Kokoist, Light Elegance, or Akzentz Luxio) perform best, but there are some workarounds with hybrid gel polishes like OPI and Shellac.

Now, if you feel the need to finish file after you've applied Multi-Flex, you can do so. You'll need to cleanse the nail with alcohol beforehand and after to remove dust before top coat or gel polish. If you do remove the inhibition/sticky/tacky layer to finish file, be careful with hybrid polishes like OPI or Shellac. You'll want to replace this by doing a very, very thin layer of Multi-Flex, then curing, OR you can do a layer of Commit (don't cure) then apply the hybrid gel. These tricks may not always work and we do not guarantee these gels will work with Luminary.

Applying Pure Gel Polish

1. Follow application steps in the Recommended Application Method tab

2. When you get to your gel polish step, you do not need to wipe the dispersion/inhibition/tacky layer but you can. Pure gels adhere with or without that tacky layer. EXCEPT for Akzentz Luxio. If you are using Luxio, you do need to cleanse the nail with alcohol before applying.

Applying Hybrid Gel Polish

1. Follow application steps in the Recommended Application Method tab

2. When you get to your gel polish step, do not wipe the dispersion/inhibition/tacky layer. Hybrid gels need help adhering, otherwise, they will separate. If you cleanse the nail, you'll want to replace the tacky layer by doing a very, very thin layer of Multi-Flex, then curing, OR you can do a layer of Commit (don't cure) then apply the hybrid gel. But your best option is using the base coat that goes with the system you're applying before applying the color so it has a better chance of not changing color.

First, Luminary's Multi-Flex is a pure gel product so if you are using OPI, Shellac, or Gelish hybrid polishes (just a few hybrid brands for example) it is possible you can experience discoloration if you do not take the proper application steps.

Continuing with OPI as our hybrid brand example, we recommend using Clarity with light colored hybrids especially. After curing Luminary's base, do not wipe the dispersion layer after curing. If you need to file, then you need to get that tacky layer back by either applying a very thin coat of Luminary and curing or applying a coat of Commit primer before gel polish. Then, apply your gel polish. The most important step here is to use a top coat that is compatible with hybrid gel polishes. Luminary's Empower Top Coat is intended for pure gel products like Luminary, not for solvent based hybrids. We recommend sticking with the Top Coat that the manufacturer of your hybrid gel recommends.

If the above does not work for you, we recommend a thin layer of the same brand base as the gel polish over Luminary. From there, proceed with the gel polish and top coat.

You can create extensions with Luminary using a form or with tips! We always recommend applying a coat of Commit Primer to the natural nail. For tips, be sure to blend the tip well to the natural nail prior to structured manicure application.

We do not recommend long extensions, because Multi-Flex Gel is flexible, so while it is very strong, it is still technically a soft gel.

It is super simple to transition your clients from hard gel or acrylic to Luminary! 


1. Remove the acrylic or hard gel completely.

2. Prep the nail & cuticles

3. Apply Commit

4. Apply Luminary!

Filling over Acrylic/Hard Gel:

1. File down the product & blend the product to the natural nail with a sanding band or similar.

2. Perform your cuticle work and prep.

3. Two coats of Commit Primer.

4. Fill with Luminary!

For details on applying Luminary, please refer to the Recommended Product Application tab

Heat spikes, in a nutshell, are an exothermic reaction created by the gel hardening under the curing lamp and are experienced with most hard and building gels. They are normal and do not occur with every client; they tend to vary based on that clients' unique body chemistry.

Heat spikes can be explained to clients as the reaction created by the lamp when it cures and hardens the gel product. They can be prevented by flash curing or using the gradual cure function on the Light Elegance Dot (120 seconds).

You can purchase the LE Dot by from The Nail Hub by clicking here

The best way to prevent Multi-Flex from lifting and chipping is by applying Commit before application and make sure your application is thick enough as well as properly balanced. If your client is a known lifter, you can apply two coats and warm the second layer up in your curing lamp (cure for 5-10 seconds). This will make the primer tackier and helps gel adhere better.

Next, file the free edge after you apply the gel. Filing after instead of before not only prevents you from doing a ton of filing, but makes the nails much stronger. If you need to do significant reshaping or take down a lot of the length, then obviously do some filing before. Otherwise, file and take down length AFTER you've applied the gel. Then, the key to preventing lifting and taking down thickness is to bevel the free edge. You'll take a file and file at a 45 degree angle to blend together the free edge and the product, strengthening the nails.

Above all, a professional grade lamp is essential for properly curing product. We recommend the Light Elegance Dot (more info under the curing lamp question tab). 

If you are still experiencing problems our best advice is to take a class with our Master Educator  Tara Robinson.

Many nail techs use Luminary to rehab clients' who come to them with short, bitten nails, or nails that have been damaged by other techs using careless techniques and cheap, poor quality product. Our product has been proven to help kick this habit!

Upcharging is a personal choice, but we firmly believe the answer is absolutely! You will notice a dramatic difference with our product and other gel brands. Multi-Flex gel has numerous benefits you can sell to your clients.

1. As strong as hard gel, so nails can be grown out naturally without any breaks!

2. Lasts twice as long as traditional gel manicure systems

3. No chipping! Because it's a base and color in one, gel polish won't chip

All of our products are Vegan, Cruelty Free, and 5 Free. We also do not sell product in China, which means that we do not adhere to their animal testing requirements.

If you are seeing streaks or brush strokes on matte nails, be sure to float the top coat on. Otherwise, you could experience some inconsistencies in appearance. Demonstrated here. You can skip ahead to 7:00.00 in the video to see Kelly explaining the matte.

If you are seeing streaks in your Empower No Wipe Top Coat, the nails are too hot when you apply the top coat. You can wipe the nails with alcohol to cool them down before top coat, or wait for them to cool down before top coat.Also please note that both Empower top coats are meant for Luminary Multi-Flex Gels and cannot be guaranteed to work with any brand of color. 

One of the best parts about our Multi-Flex Gel is that it can be filed and filled, or soaked off completely. 

E-File Removal:

1. Remove top coat, gel polish, and the bulk of the base gel using our Black Diamond Carbide Bit

2. Remove shine from the natural nail and smooth out remaining product using a sanding band or cross-cut diamond barrel bit.

3. Re-apply using Recommended Application Method - or whatever works for you!

Soak Off Removal:

1. Remove the top coat, gel polish, and as much base gel as possible using our Black Diamond Carbide Bit or hand file.

2. Saturate a piece of a cotton round with 100% acetone, place over the nail, and wrap with foil.

3. Allow the acetone to do the work for you - this can take 10-20 min depending on the amount of product you left on the nail prior to soaking with acetone. 

4. Once the product is lifting and looks ready to be scraped off, grab our Cuticle Pusher and remove the gel from the nail. Take care to be gentle, but firm, and if the gel doesn't want to come off, put the acetone wrap back on the nail.

5. Prep and reapply, or you're all done!

You can watch how to remove Luminary Multi-Flex Gel in this video from our YouTube channel.

  • Our Multi-Flex Gels Are Meant For Professionals And Should Be Used On A Regular/Consistent Basis. 
  • Keep Your Products Stored In A Dark Cabinet When Not In Use. 
  • Optimal Storage Temperature Is Between 65-75 Degrees And That Temp Should Be Kept Consistent And Without Much Fluctuation.
  • With The Above Conditions Met Your Multi-Flex Gels Should Last Close to 1 Year

For current SDS sheets please email us:

Q: What causes allergic reactions?

A: There are a few things that cause allergies from any nail product.

     -Contact dermatitis. Do your best not to bring any raw/uncured product in contact with the skin, keep it on the nail plate. 

     -Improper curing. Please read our Blog HERE

     -Client is sensitive and for some unknown reason just reacts to certain ingredients.

Q: What do allergies look like?

A: It can be anything from a slight itching or redness, dry irritated skin or little blisters as well as onycholysis.

Q: If my client experiences allergies what should I do?


     -Cease use of all products

     -Allow skin/nail irritation to subside. Probably a week or 2 with nothing applied to the nails.

Q: Can I re-apply once they are healed?

A: Yes but follow the instructions below:

     -Test on 1 nail and allow your client to go home if nothing occurs right away. If they develop irritation right away, remove the


     -If they seem good after a week go ahead and reapply. If they had a reaction you will most likely have to find a different product to  

                    use on them.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions

In this case, your first step is to contact the post office to see if they can geo-track it for you. They sometimes mistakenly scan packages as delivered before they actually arrive to your mail box. If you purchased Route Shipping Insurance, you can also file claims with them to have your order replaced if it is missing.

Color of the Month promotions offer a 10% discount on 10ml size Multi-Flex, 30ml size Multi-Flex, Diamond Pro Kits, Starter Kits, and Color Bundles in the respective color chosen for the month. Discount codes for the color are announced via social media, emails, and are on the homepage of the website. Discount codes MUST be entered at time of checkout. Luminary Nail Systems will not retroactively adjust order totals for any reason.


  • Add desired items to cart. Click the shopping bag icon to go to your cart. 
  • Review your cart, agree to the terms & conditions, then proceed with checkout.
  • At the top of the page, select the Shopping Cart Icon with the text "Show order summary"
  • This will open a dropdown menu. Under the items in your cart, you will see a white text box with the text "Gift card or discount code"
  • Enter your discount code, then click the -> button directly to the right of the text box. 
  • Make sure that after the code has been entered and processed with the arrow button, a highlighted box pops up with a tag icon and the discount code. Check your order total to make sure the discount was applied.


  •  Add desired items to cart. Click the shopping bag icon to go to your cart. 
  • Review your cart, agree to the terms & conditions, then proceed with checkout.
  • Enter shipping information then proceed to the final steps of checkout.
  • Under Order Summary, there is an option to "Add a discount code or a gift card"
  • Enter your discount code, then click the -> button directly to the right of the text box. 
  • Make sure that after the code has been entered and processed with the arrow button, a highlighted box pops up with a tag icon and the discount code. Check your order total to make sure the discount was applied.


  • Add desired items to cart. Click the shopping bag to go to your cart.
  • On the righthand side of the screen, enter your discount code in the white discount code box. Make sure the tagged code pops up and the correct amount is taken off of your total at all stages of the checkout process.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to enter discount codes. Luminary Nail Systems will not retroactively apply discount codes for any reason.Discount codes are only valid for full price, non-collaborative, non-specialty product lines. Already discounted collections are not valid.

All shipping fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. This includes initial shipping, return shipping if applicable (including but not limited to incorrect entry of address by the customer, all Return to Sender markings, and failed delivery to addressee), and other related incidents.

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You can become certified in Luminary application at any of our educators' classes, which are held all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico. You can stay up to date on all our events and classes with our Events Calendar, and sign up for certification classes directly on our website.

Classes for sale directly on our website are taught by Luminary Founder Kelly VanDahl (@kelly_vandahl), who has been in the industry for over a decade and educating for quite a few years. She is certified in Russian manicuring, and her work has graced magazine covers (Modern Salon Mag) and been featured in the likes of NAILS Mag. and Nail Pro Magazine, as well as been on the hands of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Olivia Newton John. Joining Kelly is Luminary's only Master Educator Tara Robinson (@tarafiednails), who has a similarly long career in the nail industry and in educating.

Link to certification class registration: Certification Class Registration

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We do have an affiliate program and for the time being it is a "by invitation only" program. 

The best way to be recognized for your work is to tag us in all of your Instagram posts, make sure you are tagging the products and colors you are using as well. Make sure your work is consistently good and that your photography is up to par! Check out our Instagram page to see the type of work we feature and look for, you will be recognized if you consistently do this! 

While we would LOVE a large education team at this point in time we don't have a need. Hopefully that will change in the near future! We can put your name on a list of interested techs and will reach out once we are ready. Would you please send us:

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We do! You can find us here or by searching Luminary Nail Systems on Facebook. You will have to request to join the group, which is only open to nail techs, cosmetologists, and students in the related fields.

Distributors and links to their websites can be found here.

To apply to become a distributor, click here to fill out our application!

All of our classes will look "sold out" until the date they go on sale which is listed in the description and is approx 2 weeks before the class date. 

Our classes sell out VERY fast, usually the same day they go up for sale. We send out an email and a text message as a courtesy reminder. If you would like to opt into the class text messages you can text: CLASS to: 725-215-9959 or Click HERE

Good luck securing a seat! 

If you have already taken a class and you are enrolling in a second or third course you must submit your license each and every time. 

You most definitely can but we do require both the online "Structured Mani" and online "Focus on Fills" classes in order to certify you in "Structured Manicure" for our Tech Locator. If you have taken an in person class this rule changes.

When you purchased the class you were immediately sent a class info email. However if you are opted out of our emails it may not get to you. Please stay opted in to our emails and check your spam/junk/promo folders. If you have any questions about the class you purchased, you can email:

Please note that the IG handle you send to us is the one we will be looking for to approve. Please do not send your business handle and expect to be approved on your personal handle as we will not know who you are.