LED Lights | Why are they so important?

Hello everyone!


This month I want to talk about LED lights and why you NEED to have a good quality light. In the past couple of years there has been a surge in techs buying a certain brand of light off of Amazon. This light is absolutely fine for DIY-er’s but for a pro it is NOT suitable. These lights aren’t made to take the beating we give them, meaning client after client, their bulbs are not quality and they can cause product to be uncured and you won’t even see it or notice and that is why it’s a huge problem.


So what happens when product is not cured properly? Issues… straight up issues you don’t want to have to deal with. Contact dermatitis can happen with any product as long as you are repeatedly exposed. When the product doesn’t cure properly you are exposing your client to “wet” product, like I said that you can’t even see. If you continue to do this after a while your client could develop allergies to whatever product you are using and guess what? Those allergies will never go away. You are a professional and should be purchasing a light made for professionals that can withstand our constant use.

How often should we replace our lights? If you are working 4-5 days a week you should replace your light every year because the bulbs start to loose their power.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this and I hope you do yourself a favor and invest in a high quality professional light.

UPDATE July 2022* We have finally launched our new LED light, “Pulse” You can pre-order or purchase HERE



  • I just figured out how to approve blog comments, I am sooooooo sorry… a little technically challenged I suppose 🤣 The YN light has never been tested with Luminary fully so we cannot endorse it unfortunately

    Kelly VanDahl
  • Hi..just to be sure and safe I do have the young nail led lamp that’s ok right? I haven’t had any issues. I can’t wait for you all to come out with yours!! I will definitely purchase 🤩 it!

    April Abeyta
  • Thank you Kelly!! This has been very interesting and makes so much sense. Especially with the contact dermatitis. I recently had two ladies have issues with their skin peeling. I’m going to buy a new lamp STAT!

  • Thank you, Kelly! I noticed a difference right away when I switched to the dot!

    Michelle lambel
  • Thank you for this great information. I did my switch a little over a month as well. Love all your products. I am looking forward to your light in the future. 💕

    Wendy Gomez

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