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LED Lights | Why are they so important?

LED Lights | Why are they so important?

Hello everyone!


This month I want to talk about LED lights and why you NEED to have a good quality light. In the past couple of years there has been a surge in techs buying  lights off of Amazon. While these lights are absolutely fine for DIY-er’s using gel polish they purchased from any retail store, they are not effective for a professional such as yourself. These lights aren’t made to take the beating we give them, meaning client after client as their bulbs aren't quality. We have tested multiple lights and they DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT cure Multi-Flex Gel properly. We may not see this because on the surface the product looks and feels solid, but what is going on underneath is another story as the penetration isn't strong enough for an opaque builder such as Luminary's Multi-Flex Gel.


So what happens when product is not cured properly? Issues, issues you don’t want to have to deal with. Contact dermatitis and onycholysis can happen with any product as long as you are repeatedly exposed and when the product doesn’t cure properly you are exposing your client to “wet” product, like I said that you can’t even see and remember we are using chemicals. If you continue to do this, after a while (could take weeks could take months even up to a year) your client could and most likely will develop allergies to whatever product you are using and guess what? Those allergies will never go away. You are a professional and should be purchasing a light made for professionals and for the product it's intended for that can withstand our constant use and has the quality bulbs that specific product needs to cure.

How often should we replace our lights? If you are working 4-5 days a week you should replace your light every year because the bulbs start to loose their power. You can test it after a year to see if it is effectively curing by applying as you normally would on your own finger, curing and filing the product down. If it is not "wet" or clogging up your bit then you should be fine and test in another month. You can also use a swatch stick, apply product and when it's finished curing cut the swatch in half with scissors to expose any wet product, see our video HERE. If you need help or are struggling with your testing please reach out, we are more than happy to help,

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this and I hope you do yourself a favor and invest in a high quality professional light, and watch THIS VIDEO.

We HIGHLY recommend The Luminary “Pulse”, you can purchase it  HERE