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All in the Details: Little Changes That Make a Big Difference

All in the Details: Little Changes That Make a Big Difference

Spring is upon us, and with it comes changing temperatures! There is no better time than now to talk about a few little adjustments you can do that will really make a big difference in the longevity of your gel and perfection of your application.


Have you ever noticed that some clients are so much harder to apply Luminary on than others? It always seem to travel into their sidewalls? Next time, feel your clients hands. I bet they run pretty hot right? That makes your gel runny once it hits their nail bed!

For these clients you want the first coat of gel to be super thin, and you may even need to work one finger at a time on this thin first layer. When you are ready to apply your structure make sure not to put a slip layer down, it will make your job so much harder. Just go on to float the product down their nail. You could also try using a mini beauty fridge to keep a jar of product in for those hot handed clients. Even when using cold product it shouldn’t affect the heat spikes.

Detail brushes are also a great way to move product around and really perfect your application. For hot handed clients, avoid a slip layer and float the product down the nail avoiding the sidewalls. Once you've got about the shape you want down the center, grab some product on a detail brush and bring the gel down by the sidewalls.

Your Work Space

Storage is very important for extending the life of your gels. We don’t want a lot of temperature changes in our workspace and we always want to keep our products in a closed drawer/cabinet unless we’re using them on a client. Pay attention to your room temp and always keep it consistent if possible.

You may have noticed if you don’t keep your workspace a consistent temperature that during the winter your gels are a bit thicker and in the summer they are a bit more runny.  If you have read a few of my previous blogs, you will also see that sometimes I use a coffee warmer and sometimes I use a fridge for the gel to change up the consistency depending on what services I am doing.  

If you guys have any questions or experiences post in the comments below! Happy Spring and don’t forget Inspire is 10% off all month long, use code Inspire10 at checkout ;-)


Kelly VanDahl